Oasis Terms and Conditions


  • Reservations are ONLY secured by proof of pre-payment on a ‘first paid, first booked” basis. We cannot be held responsible for loss of booking due to delayed payment. 


  • Bookings for less than two months require full pre-payment – No deposit required.

  • Bookings for two months – A R1000.00 deposit of the first month’s rental is required prior to check-in. The deposit is used to guarantee availability, cover breakages, mislaid items and breach of the notice period.

  • Bookings for three months or longer – A R3000.00 deposit is required.

  • A room inventory and defects list must be completed and signed off by both the guest and owner before occupation and again on check-out. 

  • Should the rented room be returned in the same condition that it was received in, and the notice period adhered to, the deposit is refundable within 7 days of check-out.

  • Any agreed to extra services rendered must be settled in full before a refund of the initial deposit is returned


  • Ensure that you are familiar with our policies as they are deemed accepted on receipt of payment/provision of credit card details.


    * Elect To Move an existing booking towards a future date:

    Notice period given: 1-7 days~70%, 8-14 days~ 80%,15-29 days~90%, 30 days plus~100%.

    * Elect a Refund: 1-13 days~0%, 14 days plus~50%

    * Shortened Stay: 70% of balance, after adjusted applicable rate


    * Elect To Move an existing booking towards a future date:

    Notice period given: 1-7 days~50%, 8-14 days~60%,15-29 days~70%, 30 days plus~100%

    * Elect a Refund: Please refer to your specific booking platform for T&C’s

    * Shortened Stay: 50% of balance, after adjusted applicable rate

    The SA Consumer Act states that 100% refunds are only applicable in the event of the customer’s death or certified hospitalization.


Child Policy

  • Our swimming pool is unprotected. We strongly discourage having children on the property who are unable to swim. Any child on the property must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The swimming pool facility is to be used entirely at your own risk. Neither the owners nor management accept responsibility for injury to any person in connection with using this facility. 

Noise Policy

  • All noise is to be kept to a minimum from 10 p.m. onwards for all guests to have a peaceful night’s rest. 

  • Outdoor guest areas are off limits for socializing after 10 p.m. Instead, we encourage guests to use the bar and indoor guest lounge for a quiet drink and conversation 

  • We encourage parents to manage their children from disturbing the peace.